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Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace


Explore our website's content creation and interactive services with peace of mind. Our Standard Terms and Conditions prioritize the Company's and user's interest. Acceptance is implied upon use.

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Document Description

This document outlines the terms and conditions that apply to users of the Marketplace operated by the company, including the website WEBSITELINK. By accepting these terms and conditions, users agree to abide by the policies, including the privacy policy.

Users of the Marketplace must be at least 18 years old or legally able to form binding contracts. They must not violate any laws, policies, or third-party rights while using the site, including the posting of prohibited content or spam. Users must not interfere with other users' content or manipulate the billing process. The company reserves the right to limit or suspend services or user accounts if they create problems or infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. The company has no obligation to monitor the site but may review and remove materials at its discretion. Subscriptions to services may be subject to fees, which are non-refundable under any circumstances once the service has started. Services may be changed or varied from time to time, and users have the right to unsubscribe if they disagree with the changes. Users can cancel their account at any time by emailing the company for instructions.


How to use this Document?

1. Familiarize yourself with the Marketplace - The document provides information about the Marketplace, which includes the website and other software where services are rendered.

2. Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions - Before using the Marketplace, you need to read and accept all the terms and conditions, including the Privacy Policy.

3. Understand the Scope of the Agreement - The Agreement governs the use of the Marketplace services, including information, software, products, and services.

4. Be aware of Additional Terms and Conditions - Some Marketplace services may have additional terms and conditions that you need to follow.

5. Share the Terms and Conditions - You are responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the Marketplace through your internet connection are aware of the terms and conditions and comply with them.

6. Comply with the Rules and Regulations - There are rules and regulations that you need to follow while using the Marketplace services, including posting appropriate content, not violating laws, and not manipulating other users' content.

7. Consequences of Non-Compliance - Non-compliance with the rules and regulations may lead to limited, suspended, or terminated service, removal of hosted content, and legal action.

8. Fees, Renewal, and Refund - The document provides information on the fees, non-refundable payments, and the right to reject changes and unsubscribe.

9. Termination/Cancellation - You can cancel your account at any time through email, but you need to check if any fees are due.

10. Contact Information - For any inquiries, you can contact the company through their email at [email protected].

Overall, it is essential to read, understand and comply with the terms and conditions to use the Marketplace services. Non-compliance may lead to consequences such as limited, suspended, or terminated service, removal of hosted content, and legal action.



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