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Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace


Standard terms and conditions for a website that has content creating features and interactive services. This is drafted in favour of the Company and the user deemed to have accepted them by using the service.

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Document Description

This document sets out the terms and conditions for an online marketplace i.e. where seller connects with buyers who want to buy their products and services. It is drafted in favour of the owner of the website.

If you have a website offering sellers to reach out to buyers interested in buying products/services then you need to publish these standard terms and conditions on the website.

Some of the important provisions included in the template are:

(a) terms for using the marketplace

(b) Fees, renewal and Refund

(c) prohibited content and activities

(d) third party website links

(e) breach and dispute resolution

How to use this Document?

This document is used by the Company to ensure that users of its services accepted the terms and conditions of the website before accessing the services.

This document should be carefully read by the User.

It should be displayed in a prominent place on the website for transparency and easy access


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