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Payment Authorization Form

Recurring Payments

Easily manage recurring payments with our Payment Authorization Form. Securely authorize transactions for hassle-free billing.

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Document Description

This is a template for Recurring Payment Authorization Form. By agreeing to this form, customers can give companies the authority to charge their credit card/ debit card without prior notice.

The customer certifies that he/she is a authorized user of this credit/Debit card and that he/she will not dispute the scheduled payments with the credit card company provided the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this Payment Authorization Form.

How to use this Document?

Both the Company and Customers should read this form carefully.

The form outlines the frequency and reason for which the business is permitted to charge the debit /credit account of the customer .

The customer should provide the credit card / debit card details to the company and the form should be signed by the customer.



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