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Website Communications


Email communications with your website / application users are of fundamental importance to maintain your online image. You will need to think about the kind of e-mails you are sending to your users and ensure that your users get the right message.


1. Welcome Email


The welcome email is critical to building your relationship with your users, so it’s important that it is being prepared correctly. Welcome emails are usually short and concise, containing the necessary information to assist users with the login process.


It is important to remember that the welcome e-mail is for the benefits of the users. Think about the need of the users instead of just trying to promote your service. Send one welcome email instead of multiple messages so that the user is not confused.


2. Other Emails


Other emails could include regular news, promotions, payment receipts, renewal notices, expiry notices, etc. Please also make sure that these are done professionally in the same style as the welcome email.


3. General Items to Note


Be sure to include your brand and who is the sender of the e-mail. Ensure that the e-mail has not been sent to the junk mail folder (ensure that your e-mail address has not been blacklisted as spam). Trust factors are also important, include the relevant social media links.


Be clear on why you send the e-mail by including the purpose in the subject line and draws the users together with references to tasks they all wish to complete. Include a call to action with links to allow users to log in and access your website.

Make sure that it is well designed and visually attractive to induce the user to read and take actions.