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Lack of Care

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Complaint letter to the director of a hospital complaining about the lack of care and attention displayed by the hospital toward the treatment of a patient.

My [son / daughter / child], [NAME], was injured in an accident at [home / school]. As [he / she] was crying non-stop, I suspect that [he / she] has [INJURIES]. I immediately drove [him / her] to your hospital for a check up.

When we arrived at the emergency room, no one was available to help [NAME] from the car, and I had to carry [him / her] in before even having the opportunity to park the car. The effort increased [his / her] pain. When we were inside, the receptionist, without looking at us, told us to take a number for wait for our turn. We waited for more than [number] of hours before [NAME] was seen by a doctor.

As a member of the community served by [HOSPITAL], I am outraged by the lack of care displayed by your hospital in the treatment of my [son / daughter]. The treatment was slow and upsetting, and the lack of attention could have been life threatening. I believe that the people in our community would deserve better treatment.

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