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Complaint Letter to Airline

Flight Delay and Compensation

Complaint letter to airline on flight delay and seeking compensation for monetary loss and loss of amenities.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Complaint Letter to Airline' is a formal letter written by a customer to an airline company to express their dissatisfaction and lodge a complaint regarding a flight delay. The letter begins with the customer providing their personal information, including their name, job title, address, and email. The recipient of the letter is addressed to the customer service department of the airline.


The customer starts by stating the purpose of the letter, which is to complain about a specific flight delay. They mention the flight number and the scheduled departure and arrival dates and times. The customer then explains that the flight was delayed by a certain number of hours and eventually arrived at the destination on a different date and time.


The customer goes on to describe the negative consequences they experienced as a result of the flight delay. They mention missing an important business meeting, incurring financial losses due to charges from a hotel and a car rental company, and experiencing mental distress, anxiety, and discomfort during the wait for the flight to resume.


The customer concludes the letter by formally lodging a complaint against the airline for the unreasonably long flight delay. They state their intention to seek compensation for their financial losses and the loss of amenities, specifying a desired amount of compensation. The customer requests a reply from the airline within a specific timeframe and encloses a copy of their air ticket and supporting documents as evidence of their financial losses.


In summary, the 'Complaint Letter to Airline' document is a detailed and formal letter that outlines the customer's dissatisfaction with a flight delay and their request for compensation.

How to use this document?

1. Provide personal information: Fill in your last name, first name, job title, address, and email in the designated fields.

2. Address the letter: Write the name of the airline in the 'to' field and specify the recipient as the customer service department.

3. State the current date: Enter the date on which you are writing the letter.

4. Begin the letter: Use a formal salutation, such as 'Dear Sir/Madam,' to address the recipient.

5. Explain the purpose: Clearly state that you are lodging a complaint about a specific flight delay, mentioning the flight number and scheduled departure and arrival dates and times.

6. Describe the delay: Provide details about the duration of the delay and the actual arrival date and time.

7. Explain the consequences: Describe the negative impact of the delay, such as missing a business meeting, incurring financial losses, and experiencing mental distress.

8. Lodge the complaint: Clearly state that you are formally lodging a complaint against the airline for the unreasonably long flight delay.

9. Specify compensation: State the amount of compensation you are seeking for your financial losses and the loss of amenities.

10. Request a reply: Ask the airline to respond to your complaint and provide the desired compensation within a specific timeframe.

11. Enclose supporting documents: Attach a copy of your air ticket and any other relevant documents to support your claim.

12. Sign the letter: Sign your name in the designated space.


Note: This guidance provides a step-by-step approach to using the document effectively, focusing on the practical aspects of lodging a complaint and seeking compensation from the airline.

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