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Complaint Letter - Invoice / Statement Error

Unauthorised Charge

A letter of complaint regarding an error in an invoice / credit card payment for a purchase which the complainant did not make. The complainant will deduct the amount from the statement and settle the balance.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Complaint Letter - Invoice / Statement Error' is a letter written by a customer to a company's billing department to address an error in the monthly statement on their credit card or charge account. The letter begins with a polite salutation and provides the current date. The customer states that they have just received the monthly statement and noticed a purchase of a product listed on it, which they are certain they did not make. They mention the specific account number associated with the statement.


The customer then explains that the purchase was supposedly made on a specific date, but they provide reasons why they believe the charge was made in error. They mention being out of town, not making an online purchase, not placing an order, not visiting the company's shop, or only purchasing a different product on that day. They emphasize that they did not authorize the purchase and are confident it was a mistake.


To ensure accuracy, the customer states that they have checked all the other items on the statement against their sales receipts, and everything else seems to be correct. As a result, they have decided to deduct the amount of the erroneous purchase from the statement and will settle the remaining balance. The customer concludes the letter by requesting the company to investigate the matter and clear their account.


In summary, the document is a complaint letter that addresses an invoice or statement error. It provides a detailed explanation of the error, highlights the customer's certainty about not making the purchase, and outlines the actions taken by the customer to rectify the situation.

How to use this document?

1. Check the monthly statement: Carefully review the monthly statement received on your credit card or charge account to identify any errors.

2. Identify the erroneous purchase: Locate the specific purchase listed on the statement that you believe you did not make.

3. Provide account details: Include your account number or any other relevant identification information to ensure accurate communication.

4. Explain the error: Clearly state that you did not make the purchase and provide reasons supporting your claim, such as being out of town or not authorizing the transaction.

5. Verify other items: Compare the remaining items on the statement against your sales receipts to confirm their accuracy.

6. Deduct the erroneous amount: If you are confident about the error, deduct the amount of the purchase from the statement and calculate the remaining balance.

7. Request investigation: Politely ask the company's billing department to investigate the matter and clear your account.

8. Maintain a professional tone: Throughout the letter, maintain a polite and professional tone to ensure effective communication and resolution of the issue.

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