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Complaint letter - large utility bill

Utility bill - inquiry

This a letter of complaint about an unusually large utility bill, such as gas, electricity or water supply.

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Document Description

This is a complaint letter about an unusually large utility bill, such as gas, electricity or water supply. This may have occurred due to internal errors within the supplier company or the meter being out of order. This is a widespread phenomenon and it is necessary to write to your respective service supplier to look into the matter as soon as possible. 

How to use this Document? 

This document should be addressed to a service supplier.

This letter aims to inform the service supplier that the invoice for this month/quarter does not look right. Users should first look into the matter themselves before using this letter to ask for assistance and urge the company to investigate this matter.

Any delays may make it difficult for the service supplier to check on the matter. It is advisable to send this letter as soon as you have received the invoice, not when the payment is due.

Users are also advised to compile all relevant information in this letter (reference number, key dates, cost)  and attach relevant documents (e.g. invoice, photos) to support your case.



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