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Notification to Clients / Suppliers / Service Providers / Business Partners


This is a letter to notify an employee's previous business partners / clients that he or she has changed jobs recently. This letter enables the employee to build his or her business network even though the employee has left his or her previous company and to provide contacts for future collaborations.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Notification to Clients / Suppliers / Service Providers / Business Partners' is a communication tool used to inform clients, suppliers, service providers, and business partners about the departure of an individual from a company. The document begins with a brief introduction, expressing gratitude and farewell to the recipients. It then provides a personal message to the intended recipient, informing them about the departure and the reason behind it. The document emphasizes the positive experiences and relationships built during the individual's time with the company. It concludes with contact information, including a personal phone number and email address, encouraging the recipients to stay in touch.


The document consists of a single section, which encompasses the entire content. The section starts with the salutation, addressing the recipient by their title and last name. It then proceeds with a personalized message, expressing the individual's departure and expressing gratitude for the recipient's support. The section concludes with a closing statement, including the individual's name and a sincere closing.


Overall, this document serves as a professional and courteous way to inform clients, suppliers, service providers, and business partners about an individual's departure from a company, while also maintaining positive relationships and providing contact information for future communication.

How to use this document?

1. Address the recipient: Begin the document by addressing the recipient with their appropriate title and last name.

2. Express gratitude and farewell: Start the document by expressing gratitude and farewell to the recipient, acknowledging the positive experiences and relationships built.

3. Inform about departure: Clearly state the departure of the individual from the company and provide the reason behind it, emphasizing it as a personal decision.

4. Highlight positive experiences: Share positive experiences and rewards gained during the individual's time with the company, showcasing the value of the professional relationship.

5. Provide contact information: Conclude the document by providing personal contact information, including a phone number and email address, to encourage future communication and staying in touch.

6. Use a professional tone: Throughout the document, maintain a professional and courteous tone, ensuring that the message is conveyed respectfully and positively.

7. Proofread and finalize: Before sending the document, carefully proofread it to ensure clarity, accuracy, and professionalism in the content. Make any necessary revisions or edits before finalizing and sending it to the intended recipients.

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