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Privacy Policy (with GDPR)

Website / Mobile App

Protect user data with our GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy template for Website or Mobile App. Get it today for a secure online presence.

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Document Description

This is a Privacy Policy for a Website or App, in which special wording has been inserted for European users under GDPR. The user is deemed to have accepted them by using the service. 

The Company collects and processes Personal Data for the following reasons:

(a) performing our agreement with you to provide content and services, including providing, improving, and developing our services;

(b) researching, designing, and launching new features or products;

(c) providing you with alerts, updates, materials, or information about our services or other types of information that you requested or signed up to;

(d) collecting overdue amounts;

(e) responding or taking part in legal proceedings, including seeking professional advice, or for the purposes of the legitimate and legal interests of the Company or a third party (e.g. the interests of our other customers);

(f) compliance with legal obligations that we are subject to;

(g) communicating with you and responding to your questions or requests;

(h) direct marketing - we require your consent specifically for this purpose and you may opt-out any time;

(i) purposes directly related or incidental to the above; or

(j) where you have given consent to it.

How to use this Document?

This is a Privacy Policy that is intended to be GDPR compliant. Members should review and amend the policy carefully and tailor it in accordance with the need of your business.

Please include a separate checkbox (unchecked) in your registration form should you wish to send newsletters, promotions, discounts, or other marketing materials by e-mail to your users. 


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