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COVID-19 Safety Protocol and Liability Disclaimer / Waiver / Declaration from Customer

Shop / Restaurant / Business Re-opening

Coronavirus Notice to Customers / Clients. COVID 19 Safety Protocol for the re-opening of shop / restaurant with liability disclaimer / waiver / declaration from customers that they assume the COVID-19 risks and hold the shop / restaurant harmless from liabilities. 

A robust disclaimer / waiver agreement typically includes different sections aimed at protecting the shop / restaurant against legal claims from the customer:

  1. Safety Protocol - set out the safety measures required by the Company and its customers - health screening, face-covering social distancing, and sanitisation;

  2. Acknowledgement - acknowledgement by the customers that they have no COVID-19 symptoms, had not travelled or been in touch with any person with COVID-19 in the past 14 days;

  3. Disclaimer of Liability - the customers will assume all COVID-19 risks for themselves and their family members. The customers covenant not to sue the Company and indemnify the Company against any COVID-19 claims.

How to use this Document?

Like other businesses, shops and restaurants may wish to set out coronavirus / COVID-19 safety protocols for customers and employees when they re-open and seek waivers / disclaimers / indemnities from customers for assuming the COVID-19 risk and to hold the Company harmless from risk.

For such a disclaimer / waiver to be effective, it should be in the form of an agreement between two parties — such as a shop and a customer — limiting one party’s future legal rights against the other. The notice should be posted at the door where it will be obvious to the customers. If practicable, the customers should be provided with a written agreement that requires acknowledgement or signature.

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?

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