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General Disclaimers for Website / Application / Email / Text

Common Waivers (Not Legal / Medical / Investment Advice / Advertising Disclosure / Affiliate Links Disclosure / Fair Use)

Make sure your website, application, email, or text has proper disclaimers. Protect yourself with common waivers that don't offer legal, medical, or investment advice. Get your fair use, advertising disclosure, and affiliate links disclosure in order today!

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What is a disclaimer / Waiver? 

Commonly used disclaimers / waivers to limit potential liabilities arising from specific points in emails, websites and applications (in particular where liability falls outside the Website Terms & Conditions). Examples of commonly used disclaimers are: Medical Disclaimer, Advertising Disclosure Disclaimer, Not Legal Advice Disclaimer, Affiliate Link Disclosure, Disclaimer to use the information at your own risk etc.

A disclaimer is a legal notice put on the website to limit any potential liability arising out of certain specific aspects of the business. Examples of commonly used disclaimers are:

Medical Disclaimer -  The disclaimer provides that the content on the website is merely for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advise

Advertising Disclosure Disclaimer - This disclaimer informs the user that the advertising is paid and the inclusion of the advertisement does not amount to a recommendation or endorsement of the product by you 

Not Legal Advice Disclaimer - This disclaimer informs the user that information on the Website does not constitute legal advise

Affiliate Links Disclosure - This notifies the user of the website that the post contains affiliate links i.e. if the user clicks on the link and purchases the item, then you will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to the user. 

Fair Use Disclaimer: This notifies the user that the website contains material that is copyrighted material owned by a third party; and use of such copyright material without permission contitutes fair use as it falls within the scope of 'Fair Use'. Fair Use permits limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the right holders if used for the purpose such as news reporting, teaching, research etc  

No Investment Advise: This disclaimer informs the user that information on the Website does not constitute investment advise. Prior to making any investment decision, the investor should fully understand the economic risks and merits and make his own determination that the investment is consistent with his particular investment needs.

If you run a Website / Application or are sending an e-mail, you may want to include a disclaimer as it protects your business from legal liability. It notifies the user that the information contained in the Website / Application is for general information purposes only; and your advice, products, or services may be harmful but you cannot be held responsible for damages. Any reliance a user places on such information is strictly at their own risk.

If you are sending an e-mail, a disclaimer is used to highlight the confidentiality of the message to the recipient and if that information is leaked, the recipient could be considered accountable.


How to use this document?

This document can be used as a template for a Disclaimer on the company's website/app/e-mail. The user is deemed to have accepted them when using the website/app.

It should be displayed at a prominent place on the website, and For e-mails, it can be placed at the bottom of the e-mail.

As for affiliate links, you can display the affiliate disclosure in close proximity to the affiliate links. You can also display a hyperlink to the Appfiliate disclosure page throughout your site. 

The website name and contact e-mail of a customer support representative should be clearly stated in the template. 



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