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Online Course Agreement

Terms of Use

Terms of use for an online course that customers can purchase on the website. This is drafted in favour of the Company.

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Document Description

An online course agreement outlines the terms of use for customers who purchase an online course on your website. This is drafted in favour of the Company / Course Provider. This template is perfect for Online video courses / audio courses / workbook courses etc.

An online course agreement enables the course provider to lay down the terms relating to refund requests, payment, intellectual property, etc to protect your business

The common contractual clauses, such as the jurisdiction clause, the entirety of the agreement clause, and severance of the agreement clause are also included in the agreement for clear reference. This is to reduce the chance of having disputes between the contractual parties, hence, protecting the interests of all contractual parties.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the Customer.

This online course agreement may be used upon the course provider providing online courses to customers for purchase, to outline the payment terms and other terms of use. 

It should be displayed in a prominent place on the website for transparency and easy access


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