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Guide to Legal Information one would normally require for Website / Application. Also included are the standard wording to the legal info link for reference.

Terms and Conditions of Service; User / Subscriber Agreement

Standard terms and conditions of service for Website or APP. Alternately this can also be drafted as a User/ Subscriber Agreement. Deemed Acceptance by using the service.

Trial Terms and Conditions of Use

If there is a trial period of the service, the document sets out the terms that govern a trial user’s access to and use of the service. It will expire upon the expiry of trial period.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a must if you obtain Personal Data or Personally Identifying Information from users. If you have European users, GDPR wordings must be included.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy is required where you take fees from the users in return for products and services. Certain jurisdictions require refund policy where the products / services are paid for in advance.

Photo and Video Policy

Photo and Video Policy is required where you allow users to upload their own photos and videos on to your Website / App. You will want to ensure that you are not liable for any copyright infringement or inappropriate content.

Third Party Legal Notices

If you are also using third party software / materials / contents / App, you should also include notification of their license terms by including links to them.

Claims of Copyright Infringement

If you allow users to upload users generated content, you should allow copyright holders to inform you separately on claims of copyright infringment to remove them (rather than having them suing you).

Copyright Wording

Standard wording to assert copyright on the website and app (codes and contents). Copyright automatically arises upon creation and it is not necessary to register.


Disclaimers disclaim potential liabilities arising from specific points (in particular liability that fall outside your Terms & Conditions agreement).

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