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Notice of General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting EGM

This document is a Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting ( EGM ) to Members / Shareholders. This should be sent at least 14 clear days (depending on the jurisdiction) for an extraordinary general meeting unless 95% of the voting rights agree to a shorter period.


How to use this Document?

Extraordinary General Meetings are any meeting that is not designated to be an annual general meeting. They are usually called by the directors of the company to approve reserved matters. However, members holding 5% (or 10% in some jurisdictions) of the voting shares may require such a meeting. 

This notice of EGM should be sent to all members at least 14 clear days for a special resolution unless all the class members agree to a shorter period.

The notice should also contain a proxy form and instructions to appoint a proxy to vote in case the recipient cannot attend the meeting.

The copy of the resolution must be accompanied by an explanatory statement informing the members of the reason for the resolution.

The Company Secretary should sign the notice by the order of the board. 

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General Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting
Notice of EGM
Notice of General Meeting
Notice of Meeting of Members
Shareholders Meeting
ordinary resolution
special resolution

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