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Written Resolutions of Sole Member / Members / Shareholders

Increase in Authorised Capital

Written Resolutions of the Sole Member / Members / Shareholders in relation to the increase in the authorised capital of the Company.

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Document Description

This template can be used as minutes of an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) regarding Written Resolutions of the Sole Member / Members / Shareholders in relation to an increase in the authorised capital of the Company.

Written Resolutions are useful in shortening the time and complexity for company members' and shareholders' decision-making. It allows decisions to be made without the need to hold physical meetings. Thus, it is often utilised where members/shareholders are geographically far apart. 

The Written Resolution is separated to the resolution of sole member and that of members. Both sections indicate that the persons irrevocably agree to a said resolution of the company. Afterwards, the resolution regarding Authorised Capital is detailed. In this situation, the increased capital in a certain currency will rank equally with the existing shares of the same currency. 

Written resolutions may be used for most resolution. This document can be adjusted to include all necessary information to the respective resolution.

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the Individual Company members and Shareholders.

The Written Resolution should be circulated to all relevant members and shareholders for scrutinisation. 

All targeted parties should sign and return a copy, and once signed, both parties should get a copy. To avoid any future disputes, both parties may wish to have their signatures witnessed.

The Sole Member and Members names, Currency and Additional Capital should all be clearly stated in the Written Resolution.



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