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Minutes of General Meeting

Purchase of Company

This document is a Minutes of a General Meeting's resolution to approve the purchase of a company from a seller. This document recorded the result of the resolution in detail including the poll and proxy information. 

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Minutes of General Meeting' is a record of the proceedings and decisions made during a general meeting of a company. It is an important document as it serves as evidence of the discussions and resolutions passed during the meeting. The detailed description of the document can be divided into two parts: the entire document and each section.


The entire document provides information about the company, including its name, registration number, and the date, time, and place of the meeting. It also mentions the chairperson who presided over the meeting. The document begins with a section on general business, which includes the declaration of a quorum and the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting. It further mentions the notice of the meeting and, if applicable, any special resolutions.


The second part of the document focuses on the purchase of the company. It states that the company intends to acquire the entire issued share capital of a target company from a seller. The resolutions related to the acquisition are then listed, including the approval of the acquisition, approval of the related documents, authorization for signing the sale and purchase agreement, and execution of necessary documents. The resolutions also ratify any actions taken by the directors and officers of the company prior to the adoption of these resolutions.


If the document includes proxy information, it provides details about the number of votes exercisable by validly appointed proxies and how they were directed to be voted. It also mentions the results of the poll taken in respect of the resolution, including the number of votes cast in favor, against, and abstained. Finally, the document concludes with the closure of the meeting and the signature of the chairperson.


Each section of the document provides specific details about the topics discussed and the decisions made. The detailed description ensures that all parts of the document are covered, highlighting the importance of the document as a record of the meeting's proceedings.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Minutes of General Meeting' document effectively, follow the step-by-step guidance below:


1. Review the document: Familiarize yourself with the content of the document, including the company's information, meeting details, and the sections related to general business and the purchase of the company.

2. Understand the purpose: Recognize that the document serves as a record of the meeting's proceedings and decisions. It is essential for legal and administrative purposes.

3. Identify the sections: Identify the different sections of the document, such as general business, special resolutions (if applicable), proxy information (if included), and the closure of the meeting.

4. Analyze the resolutions: Pay close attention to the resolutions related to the acquisition of the company. Understand the approval process, authorization for signing documents, and ratification of prior actions.

5. Note proxy information (if applicable): If the document includes proxy information, take note of the number of votes and their direction (in favor, against, abstained) to understand the level of support for the resolutions.

6. Consider the poll results (if applicable): If a poll was taken, review the number of votes cast in favor, against, and abstained to determine the outcome of the resolution.

7. Sign and date the document: If you are the chairperson, sign the document as a correct record and include the date of the meeting.

8. Distribute the document: Share copies of the document with relevant stakeholders, such as board members, shareholders, and company secretary, for their reference and record keeping.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Minutes of General Meeting' document and ensure compliance with legal requirements and proper documentation of the meeting's proceedings.

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