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Invitation to Lunch / Dinner / Event


This is a formal invitation letter for inviting guests to attend your luncheon or dinner. This document can be used to address this letter to special friends, top executives, clients, industry leaders, socialites and more.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Invitation to Lunch / Dinner / Event' is an invitation to a company-sponsored dinner and dance event. The document starts with a brief introduction, highlighting the importance of the event and encouraging the recipient to attend. It provides details about the event, including the venue, date, and time. The document mentions that there will be a meal during the event, with the option to cater to any special requirements. It also mentions that there will be a fashion show, lucky draws, spot prizes, and after-dinner entertainment and dancing. The document emphasizes that the event is expected to be a great evening that the recipient would not want to miss. It informs the recipient about the cost of attending the event and advises them to get registration forms from reception or the human resource department and book early. The document concludes with an RSVP request and mentions the dress code for the event.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Invitation to Lunch / Dinner / Event' document, follow these steps:


1. Read the document: Familiarize yourself with the content of the invitation, including the event details, such as the venue, date, and time.

2. Check for special requirements: If you have any special dietary requirements or other needs, inform the organizers in advance.

3. Register early: Obtain the registration forms from reception or the human resource department as mentioned in the document. Fill out the forms accurately and submit them as early as possible to secure your spot.

4. Make necessary arrangements: Based on the dress code mentioned in the document, ensure that you have appropriate attire for the event.

5. RSVP: Respond to the RSVP request by providing your name, phone number, and email address to confirm your attendance.

6. Attend the event: On the specified date and time, arrive at the venue and enjoy the company-sponsored dinner and dance. Participate in the activities, such as the fashion show, lucky draws, and after-dinner entertainment.

7. Follow any additional instructions: If there are any additional instructions provided by the organizers, make sure to adhere to them during the event.

8. Have a great time: Make the most of the evening and enjoy the festivities with your colleagues and fellow attendees.

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