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Rejection of Non-invitees to Corporate Event

Rejection of Registration

Rejection of registration to corporate event / conference / convention / summit / congress - not inviting non-sponsor or potential competitor.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Rejection of Non-invitees to Corporate Event' is a formal letter that is used to inform individuals who have registered for a corporate event that their registration has been rejected. The document starts with a salutation and includes the sender's address and the current date. The letter is addressed to the recipient, using their title and last name.


The detailed introduction of the entire document explains that the event is only open to specific types of invitees, such as clients from the co-hosting firms. It also mentions that the event is closed to service providers, competitors not invited, and certain professionals like consultants, recruiters, sales, marketing, and account executives, unless they are sponsors. The purpose of the document is to apologize for not being able to accept the recipient's registration.


The document then provides a detailed introduction for each section. It explains that the rejection is based on the specifications mentioned in the invitation and registration form. It emphasizes that the event is exclusive to specific invitees and provides examples of the types of individuals who are not eligible to attend. The document expresses gratitude for the recipient's interest in the event and provides contact information for further inquiries.


In summary, the document is a formal letter that informs individuals about the rejection of their registration for a corporate event. It highlights the exclusivity of the event and apologizes for not being able to accept the recipient's registration.

How to use this document?

1. Check the recipient's information: Ensure that the recipient's name, address, and other contact details are correctly mentioned in the letter.

2. Specify the reason for rejection: Clearly state the reason for rejecting the recipient's registration, emphasizing the exclusivity of the event and the eligibility criteria mentioned in the invitation and registration form.

3. Apologize for the rejection: Express sincere apologies for not being able to accept the recipient's registration and acknowledge their interest in the event.

4. Provide contact information: Include contact details, such as an email address, for further communication or inquiries.

5. Use a professional tone: Maintain a formal and polite tone throughout the letter, addressing the recipient respectfully.

6. Proofread the letter: Double-check the content of the letter for any grammatical or spelling errors before sending it.

7. Keep a copy for records: Make sure to keep a copy of the rejection letter for future reference or documentation purposes.

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