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Invitation to Speak / Panel

Paid Professional Speaker

Writing a formal invitation for a paid professional speaker to speak at your conference or corporate event? Fill in your information into this invitation template, download and send it to your intended speakers or panellists!

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Invitation to Speak / Panel' is an invitation letter that is sent to a potential speaker for an annual event or conference. The letter is addressed to the recipient and provides detailed information about the event, including the theme, duration, expected audience, and schedule. The purpose of the letter is to invite the recipient to speak or participate in a panel discussion during the event.


The letter begins with the sender's contact information, including the company name, address, phone number, and email. It is then addressed to the recipient, using their first and last name. The current date is mentioned at the top of the letter.


The main body of the letter starts with a greeting to the recipient, using their first and last name. The sender informs the recipient about the upcoming event and its theme. The event is described as an annual event or conference, and the specific type of event is mentioned. The duration of the talk or panel discussion is provided, along with the expected number of attendees.


The sender mentions that the audience will consist of a specific type of guests, which could be industry professionals, members of a society or club, or any other relevant group. The start and end times of the event are mentioned, indicating the official duration of the event.


The sender then states that the recipient's name has been highly recommended by a referrer, indicating that the recipient is considered a suitable speaker for the event. The sender asks if the recipient is available on the event date and invites them to accept the invitation. The recipient is given the freedom to select an appropriate topic for their talk or panel discussion. If the recipient accepts the invitation, they are requested to indicate their financial requirements.


The letter concludes with a request for a prompt response and provides the sender's contact information for any further inquiries. The sender signs off with a closing remark and their job title.


Overall, the document serves as a formal invitation to a potential speaker, providing all the necessary details about the event and requesting their participation.

How to use this document?

1. Review the invitation: Read the invitation letter carefully to understand the details of the event, including the theme, duration, expected audience, and schedule.

2. Check availability: Check your availability on the event date mentioned in the letter. Ensure that you are free to participate in the event.

3. Select a topic: Choose an appropriate topic for your talk or panel discussion. Consider the theme of the event and the audience's interests.

4. Indicate financial requirements: If you decide to accept the invitation, specify your financial arrangements in your reply. This could include travel expenses, accommodation, or any other relevant costs.

5. Respond promptly: Inform the sender of your decision as soon as possible, preferably by the mentioned deadline. This will allow them to finalize the event agenda.

6. Seek more information if needed: If you require additional information about the event, contact the sender using the provided phone number or email.

7. Confirm participation: Once you have made your decision and discussed the financial arrangements, confirm your participation in the event.

8. Prepare for the event: Start preparing for your talk or panel discussion well in advance. Research the topic, gather relevant materials, and practice your presentation.

9. Attend the event: On the event day, arrive on time and be prepared to deliver your talk or participate in the panel discussion.

10. Engage with the audience: During your session, engage with the audience by encouraging questions and providing insightful answers. Make sure to leave a positive impression on the attendees.

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