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Internship Agreement

Hourly / Unpaid Contractor

Get the best Internship Agreement between the Company and the Intern, with clear terms and conditions for independent contractor status. Hire interns on full-time or hourly basis, paid or unpaid.

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Document Description

An internship agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the internship, and it is signed by the intern and the company that is offering the internship. The agreement is designed to protect both parties and ensure that the internship runs smoothly. The following is a summary of the key provisions in an internship agreement:

1. Duties and Job Description: The intern will work in a specific department and undertake all duties directed by the company. The intern will report directly to a specific person, and the company will provide all necessary equipment for the intern to complete their duties.

2. Period of Internship: The internship will commence on a specific date and end on another specific date. The normal working hours will be from a specific time to another specific time on weekdays. However, the intern can be expected to work over and above these hours when the workload so demands. Any overtime pay shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and must be approved by the supervisor in advance.

3. Remuneration: The internship is for the purpose of work experience and is unpaid. However, the intern will be paid at a rate of a specific currency per hour (Wage). The wage will be paid in arrears on a monthly basis. The company is not liable for any injury or health condition that may arise for the intern during the course of the internship, and the intern is responsible for their own taxes.

4. Nature of Internship: The internship is related to an educational purpose, and there is no guarantee or expectation that the internship will result in future employment with the company. The intern will receive supervision from a specific person, and the intern is not qualified to participate in or to receive any employee benefits that the company may extend to its employees.

5. Discipline: The intern agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the company and be polite, punctual, honest, co-operative, appropriately dressed, and willing to learn. The intern will maintain a regular internship schedule, comply with any instructions or variations issued by the company, and furnish all necessary information pertaining to their internship. The intern is not allowed to be directly or indirectly engaged or concerned in any other business, trade, profession, or occupation during the term of the internship. The intern shall immediately disclose to the company any breach or default of their obligations under this Internship Agreement.

In conclusion, an internship agreement is an important document that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both the intern and the company. It protects both parties and ensures that the internship runs smoothly.

How to use this Document?

1. Understand the Agreement The first step is to understand the Internship Agreement. It is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of an internship. It contains clauses on the duties and job description of the intern, the period of the internship, remuneration, the nature of the internship, and disciplinary measures.

2. Identify the Parties The Agreement involves two parties; the Company and the Intern. The Company is the employer, and the Intern is the employee. Ensure that you have the names, addresses, and contact details of both parties.

3. Define the Job Description The Agreement specifies the duties that the Intern will undertake during the internship. It outlines the department the Intern will work in, the person they will report to, and any other duties they may be required to perform.

4. Agree on the Period of Internship The period of internship is also specified in the Agreement. It highlights the start and end dates of the internship and the expected working hours. The Agreement also mentions that the intern may be required to work beyond these hours when the workload demands it.

5. Discuss Remuneration The remuneration clause outlines the Intern's pay rate, frequency of payment, and any other relevant information related to compensation. It states that the Internship is for work experience purposes only and that the Intern will not be entitled to any remuneration during the Internship.

6. Understand the Nature of the Internship The nature of the internship clause clarifies that the internship is for educational purposes, and there is no guarantee of future employment. It also outlines the Intern's obligations as an independent contractor and their waiver of any rights or claims against the Company for injury, death, or damage to property arising from their participation in the Internship.

7. Agree on Disciplinary Measures The Agreement specifies the rules and regulations of the Company that the Intern must abide by. It outlines the expected conduct of the Intern, including punctuality, honesty, and cooperation. It also prohibits the Intern from engaging in any other business, trade, profession, or occupation during the internship period without the prior written approval of the Company.

In conclusion, the Internship Agreement is a critical document that outlines the terms and conditions of an internship. It is essential to understand the Agreement fully and identify the parties involved, define the job description, agree on the period of internship, discuss remuneration, understand the nature of the internship, and agree on disciplinary measures.


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