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Job Offer Letter

Non-Exempt Employee (Hourly)

Looking for a template for an offer letter for a non-exempt hourly employee? Our customisable template includes provisions for overtime pay to ensure compliance with labor laws.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Job Offer Letter' is an important document that serves as a formal offer of employment to a candidate. It provides detailed information about the job position, working hours, compensation, benefits, termination terms, and other relevant details. The document begins with the company's contact information, including the address, phone number, and email. It is addressed to the recipient, mentioning their name and address.


The letter starts with a warm greeting and states the purpose of the letter, which is to offer the recipient a job position. It mentions the name of the company and the department in which the recipient will be working. The recipient is informed about their reporting supervisor and the desired start date, which is flexible based on their circumstances.


The detailed offer includes information about the position, such as it being a full-time (non-exempt) role. The working hours are specified as a certain number of hours per week, from Monday to Friday, with specific timings. The letter also mentions the overtime policy and the rate at which overtime work hours will be paid.


The compensation details are provided, stating the amount the recipient will be paid per hour, along with the frequency of payment. The benefits package is described, including healthcare insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, educational assistance, paid time off, and other benefits as per the company's policies and employment laws.


The termination clause is mentioned, clarifying that the employment is 'at will,' meaning that either party can terminate the employment at any time with or without cause. The letter also highlights that the offer is subject to the completion of a satisfactory background check.


The agreement concludes by stating that it represents the entire agreement between the recipient and the company, superseding any contrary representations. The recipient is requested to indicate their understanding and acceptance of the terms by signing and returning a duplicate copy of the agreement. It is also mentioned that the offer will expire on a specific date if not accepted by then. The letter ends with a welcoming message and the signature of the sender, who holds a job title in the company.


Overall, the 'Job Offer Letter' is a comprehensive document that outlines the details of the job offer, including position, working hours, compensation, benefits, termination terms, and more. It serves as a formal agreement between the company and the recipient, ensuring clarity and understanding of the terms and conditions.

How to use this document?

Guidance on how to use the 'Job Offer Letter':


1. Review the document: Read the entire 'Job Offer Letter' carefully to understand the terms and conditions of the job offer.

2. Provide candidate information: Fill in the recipient's name, address, and other required contact details in the designated fields.

3. Specify start date: Determine the desired start date for the recipient's employment. If necessary, discuss flexibility options with the candidate.

4. Customize position details: Modify the document to accurately reflect the position being offered, including the department and reporting supervisor.

5. Adjust working hours: Update the working hours according to the specific requirements of the position, ensuring clarity on the number of hours per week and the days of the week.

6. Set overtime rate: Determine the appropriate overtime rate per hour and include it in the document if applicable.

7. Define compensation: Specify the exact amount the recipient will be paid per hour and the frequency of payment (e.g., monthly).

8. Tailor benefits package: Customize the benefits section to align with the company's policies and applicable employment laws, ensuring all relevant benefits are included.

9. Clarify termination terms: Review and confirm the termination clause, ensuring it accurately reflects the 'at will' nature of the employment and the ability of either party to terminate the agreement.

10. Background check requirement: Make sure to mention that the offer is subject to the completion of a satisfactory background check on the recipient.

11. Signature and acceptance: Sign the letter on behalf of the company and provide a space for the recipient to sign and date the document as an acceptance of the offer.

12. Set offer expiration date: Determine the date until which the offer is valid and clearly state it in the letter.

13. Send the offer: Once the document is finalized, send a duplicate copy to the recipient for their review and acceptance.

14. Welcome the candidate: Upon acceptance, extend a warm welcome to the candidate and provide any additional instructions or information they may need.


Note: It is recommended to seek legal advice or consult with HR professionals to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations while using the 'Job Offer Letter' document.

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