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Job Offer Letter

Non-Exempt Employee (Hourly)

Looking for a template for an offer letter for a non-exempt hourly employee? Our customisable template includes provisions for overtime pay to ensure compliance with labor laws.

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Looking for a job offer letter template for a non-exempt employee? Our customisable offer letter includes essential details on hourly wages, overtime pay, and employment benefits for compliance with labor laws. Make a job offer to your preferred candidate today and ensure a successful hiring process. The letter states the position, department, and supervisor of the job offer.

Additionally, the working hours and overtime pay rate are disclosed in the offer letter, as well as the hourly wage payable on a monthly basis. The letter also highlights the benefits that come with the job, such as healthcare insurance, dental insurance, and educational assistance.

The agreement ends by stating that the employment is at-will and that satisfactory completion of the background check is required. The employer has added a welcoming message to show the candidate's support and encourage them to accept the offer. The letter requests that the candidate sign and return the duplicate copy of the agreement and provides a deadline for accepting the offer. Make your job offer more attractive by using our SEO-friendly job offer letter template today.

How to use this Document?

1. Introduction: The document is a Job Offer Letter for a non-exempt position. The letter includes details of the position, working hours, compensation, benefits, termination, and the request for acceptance of the offer.

2. Position and Department: The letter states the offered position, which includes the department and the supervisor to whom the candidate will report.

3. Starting Date: The starting date is mentioned, but it is flexible and subject to the candidate's circumstances.

4. Working Hours: The working hours are stated in terms of the number of hours per week, days, and time.

5. Overtime and Compensation: The letter includes information on overtime wages and compensation rate per hour, payable on a monthly basis.

6. Benefits: The candidate is entitled to benefits such as healthcare insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, educational assistance, paid time off, and other benefits in accordance with employment laws and company policies.

7. Termination: The letter states that the employment is "at will," which means that the candidate or the company may terminate the employment at any time with or without cause.

8. Deadline and Acceptance: The letter requests the candidate's acceptance of the offer by signing and returning a duplicate copy of the agreement. The letter also includes a deadline for accepting the offer.

9. Conclusion: The letter ends with a welcoming message, showing the company's support, and a reminder to carefully read the document.

10. Usage: The letter can be used by an employer to send a formal job offer letter to a candidate. It is important to clearly state the position, compensation, and termination clause. Both parties should agree to any amendments made in the future, and all agreements should be recorded in writing and signed by both parties.



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