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Nanny Employment Agreement


This template for Nanny Contract / Nanny Employment Agreement is entered between the employer and the nanny highlighting the terms for employment, benefits and duties. This is drafted in Neutral form.

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Document Description

This template for Nanny Contract / Nanny Employment Agreement is entered between the employer and the nanny highlighting the terms for employment, benefits and duties. This is drafted in Neutral form. The Nanny Employment Agreement includes the following:

(a) Duties of the Nanny

(b) Working Hours

(c) Overtime Charges

(d) Paid time-off from work and statutory holidays

(e) Nanny's obligations

(f) Benefits such as Vehicle/ Vehicle Allowance, Health Insurance, Mobile Phone, Meals, Petty Cash

Top FAQs about Nanny Contract / Nanny Employment Contract


1. What is a nanny contract?

If you're looking to hire a nanny or you are accepting a position as a nanny then having a nanny contract is a must. It helps both the family and the nanny to be clear about their roles and expectations. A nanny employment contract is also known as a nanny contract.

A Nanny Contract is entered between the employer (generally Mother/ Father usually) and the Nanny to record the terms and conditions such as nanny’s employment benefits, duties and responsibilities, the period of employment, leave entitlements, work schedules and payment terms.

Therefore, just like any other contract, a nanny contract defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties and sets their expectations to minimize disputes / disagreements in future.

2. Is it important to have a nanny contract?

For families: When hiring a nanny, the most important pre-requisite for most families is to find someone who can be a perfect caregiver for their children and is committed towards her job as a nanny. A nanny contract accomplishes that since all the requirements are spelled out and agreed in advance

For nanny: it is important to understand the job requirements before committing to it. For instance, an understanding of the working hours, holidays and benefits will ensure that the job is right for you.

Having a formal document that records the terms agreed between the family and the nanny ensures that all the aspects of the job are discussed and agreed including sensitive topics such as grounds for termination, benefits, overtime parameters, reimbursement policies etc. Also, it offers protection and legal recourse to both parties in case of a dispute. In fact, it minimizes the situation of taking a legal recourse as everything is already recorded in a document.

3. What should a nanny contract include?

Key terms for a nanny contract are:

  • Basic Job Details

To begin with, it is important to include the most basic yet important details such as the number of children to be taken care off, age of the children and the location of work, daily working hours (start time-end time); and allocate time for lunch break.

  • General Work Responsibilities

Provide an overview of the nanny’s responsibilities i.e. what is the nanny expected to do with the children. For instance: cooking, grocery shopping, housekeeping, feeding the children etc.

  • Compensation

Specify the hourly rate of pay and the overtime rate agreed with the Nanny. In addition, include the frequency of payment i.e. weekly/monthly/bi-weekly.

  • Leave Entitlements

Paid time off: Mention the number of fully paid days that your nanny can take time off from work during the course of employment. Paid time off could be used for vacation, illness or for any personal matters. Also, specify the conditions for availing this benefit, for instance,  give a minimum notice of 1 month before taking vacation leave.

Stautotry Holidays: provide a list of paid statutory holidays that the nanny can take (e.g. Christmas) 

  • Benefits

Enlist the benefits that the nanny is entitled to at work. Some of the common benefits allowed to Nanny are Vehicle/ Vehicle Allowance; Meal; Medical Insurance; Mobile Phone; and Petty Cash

  • House Rules

Provide a list of house rules for the Nanny to adhere to at the workplace. For instance use of personal mobile phone; screen time for children; no guest policy; posting pictures on social media etc.

  • Grounds for termination

List the events (like stealing) that are completely unacceptable and can cause immediate termination of employment.

  • Confidentiality Obligation

A confidentiality clause will ensure that the nanny doesn’t disclose any private information about the family with any third parties.

4. Is a nanny contract legally binding?

Yes, a nanny contract signed by both the parties is legally binding.

5. How do I terminate a nanny contract?

In case either of the parties decides to terminate the contract then include the minimum notice period required for termination. Generally, a notice period can be for 30 days. It will give enough time to the nanny to find another job and the family to make alternate arrangements.

Also, the contract can include a list of events (like stealing) that are completely unacceptable and can cause immediate termination of employment. 

6. Do I need a Lawyer?

No, you don't necessarily need a lawyer to draft a nanny contract. It is a formal document that records the understanding between the family and the nanny. You can easily download the template for Nanny Employment Contract here and customize it to suit your requirements.


How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the Employer and the Nanny

This nanny employment contract may be used upon the employer hiring a nanny to provide professional child care services

Different aspects of details related to the job, including the job description, remuneration, overtime charges should all be clearly stated in the employment agreement.

Both parties should sign and return a copy, and once signed, both parties should get a copy. To avoid any future disputes, both parties may wish to have their signatures witnessed. 

If either party wishes to amend the agreement in the future, both parties should agree to do so, and the original agreement and amendments should be recorded in writing and signed by both parties.



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