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Restaurant Employment Agreement


This document can be used as a Restaurant Employment Agreement between the Company and Restaurant staff. This is drafted in Neutral form.

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Document Description

The Restaurant Employment Agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment between a company and an employee. It is important because it establishes the rights and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring clarity and preventing misunderstandings.


The entire document consists of several sections that cover different aspects of the employment agreement. The first section is the introduction, which includes the names and addresses of the company and the employee. It also states the date on which the agreement is made and emphasizes the valuable consideration exchanged between the parties.


The second section focuses on the duties and job description of the employee. It specifies the position title and the general duties expected from the employee. It also mentions that the employee will report to a supervisor and work at a specific establishment. Additionally, it states that the employee will work less than forty hours per week and will not receive company-funded insurance benefits.


The third section discusses the period of employment. It states the commencement date and clarifies that the employment is for an indefinite period. It also mentions the normal working hours and the possibility of overtime work. Furthermore, it specifies the meal interval and the circumstances under which interruptions may be allowed.


The fourth section covers the probationary period. It states that the employee's probationary period will be two calendar months, during which either party can terminate the employment with seven days' notice.


The fifth section addresses remuneration. It states the hourly salary rate and mentions that any tips received by the employee will be reported to the company. It also clarifies that the employee is responsible for personal taxes.


The sixth section discusses discipline. It mentions that the employee must wear a prescribed uniform and follow a no-smoking policy. It also prohibits the employee from drinking alcoholic beverages while on duty and specifies the employee's responsibilities regarding the service of alcohol. Additionally, it states that the employee must abide by all company rules and regulations and promptly disclose any conflicts of interest or breaches of obligations.


The seventh section focuses on termination. It lists various grounds for termination, including breach of the agreement, notice from either party, death or incapacitation of the employee, withdrawal of labor authority permissions, conviction of a criminal offense, bankruptcy of the employee, gross misconduct affecting the company's business, and serious or repeated breaches of the agreement. It clarifies that the company has the immediate right to terminate the agreement in certain circumstances and that any delay in exercising this right does not constitute a waiver. It also mentions the employee's obligation to assist the company in litigation cases.


The eighth section addresses disputes. It states that the agreement is governed by the laws of a specific jurisdiction and that any disputes will be settled through voluntary mediation. If mediation fails, the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the jurisdiction country courts.


The ninth section covers various aspects, including the entire agreement, modifications, binding and benefiting of both parties, the divisibility of provisions, the absence of rights for third parties, and the company's processing of the employee's personal data.


The tenth section focuses on confidentiality. It emphasizes that the employee must not share or disclose confidential information without written permission from the company. It states that the obligation of confidentiality survives the termination of the agreement and requires the employee to return any confidential information to the company.


The eleventh section clarifies that the agreement does not grant any rights to third parties.


Overall, the Restaurant Employment Agreement is a comprehensive document that covers various aspects of the employment relationship between a company and an employee. It ensures clarity, sets expectations, and protects the rights of both parties.

How to use this document?

1. Review the document: Familiarize yourself with the entire Restaurant Employment Agreement to understand its terms and conditions.

2. Provide accurate information: Enter the names and addresses of the company and the employee in the designated sections of the agreement. Ensure that the information is correct and up to date.

3. Specify job duties: Clearly describe the position title and the duties expected from the employee. Be thorough and include any additional duties incidental to the general job description.

4. Determine working hours: Agree on the working hours, including the start time, finish time, and designated days. If necessary, discuss the possibility of overtime work and the corresponding remuneration.

5. Discuss probationary period: Understand the probationary period of two calendar months and the termination rights during this period. Clarify the notice period required for termination.

6. Establish remuneration: Determine the hourly salary rate and discuss the reporting of tips. Ensure that the employee understands their responsibility for personal taxes.

7. Enforce discipline policies: Discuss the company's uniform policy, the no-smoking policy, and the prohibition of drinking alcoholic beverages while on duty. Clarify the employee's responsibilities regarding the service of alcohol.

8. Understand termination grounds: Familiarize yourself with the various grounds for termination listed in the agreement. Discuss the consequences of each ground and ensure mutual understanding.

9. Address disputes: Discuss the voluntary mediation process for resolving disputes. Understand the jurisdiction governing the agreement and the potential involvement of jurisdiction country courts.

10. Comply with confidentiality obligations: Emphasize the importance of maintaining confidentiality and seek written permission from the company before sharing or disclosing any confidential information.

11. Seek legal advice if necessary: Encourage the employee to seek legal consultation and advice before signing the agreement. Ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions and freely accept them.

12. Retain a copy: Provide the employee with a copy of the signed Restaurant Employment Agreement for their records. Remind them to keep it in a safe place for future reference.

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