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Secondment Agreement


Looking for a Secondment Agreement template? Our neutral form agreement allows employers to temporarily assign employees to another organisation.

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Document Preview

Document Description

This is a Secondment Agreement between two parties, the Employer and the Host, regarding the secondment of an Employee for a specified period. The Employee will provide services to the Host as agreed in writing. During the Secondment Period, the Employee will remain an employee of the Employer and be subject to the employer's policies and terms of employment.

The Host will manage and supervise the Employee during the Secondment period and be responsible for providing a safe working environment, clear performance expectations, and assessment of performance. Unless otherwise agreed, the Employee will receive the same salary and benefits from the Employer before the Secondment commenced, and the Employer will be responsible for paying salary, benefits, and other associated costs during the Secondment Period. Where the Employee is required to travel on behalf of the Host, the Host will be responsible for paying travel costs. The Employee is entitled to leave as per the applicable employment laws and the Employer's rules. The Host will reimburse the Employee directly for any expenses incurred during the Secondment. The Host will indemnify the Employer against any expense, loss, or claims arising out of the services by the Employee. In consideration for the provision of services by the Employee, the Host will pay the Employer a fee payable in accordance with the schedule agreed upon. This agreement outlines the rights and obligations of the Parties and provides for the protection of the parties' interests in the event of disputes.

How to use this Document?

Here are the steps to follow when using this document:

  1. Begin by customising the document using the relevant details, including the current date, the names of both parties, and their addresses.

  2. Specify the secondment description, including the position the employee will hold and the services they will provide to the host.

  3. Define the secondment period, including the start and end date. Indicate that any variation to this period must be agreed upon in writing by the parties.

  4. Clarify that the employee will remain an employee of the employer at all times, and that they will be subject to the personnel policies and terms and conditions of employment administered by the employer.

  5. Outline the host's responsibilities, including the management and supervision of the employee, providing a safe working environment, and addressing any performance management issues.

  6. Specify the salary and benefits that the employee will continue to receive from the employer during the secondment period, and confirm that the employer will remain responsible for the payment of the employee's salary, benefits, and other associated costs.

  7. Define the travel arrangements, including the travel costs that the host will pay for, and confirm that the host will not seek to recover these costs from the employer or the employee.

  8. Clarify the employee's leave entitlements and confirm that they will need to obtain prior approval from both the host and the employer before taking any leave.

  9. Define the secondment fee and confirm that the host will pay this fee to the employer in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

  10. Clarify the reimbursement process for any expenses incurred by the employee during the secondment, including how the employee can submit their claim and the type of proof of expenses required.

  11. Specify the liability and insurance requirements, including the host's obligation to indemnify the employer against any expenses, liability, loss, or damage arising out of or in connection with the secondment.

By following these steps, you can use this secondment agreement to document the terms and conditions of a secondment arrangement between an employer and a host organisation. It provides clarity on the responsibilities of each party and ensures that the employee's rights and benefits are protected throughout the secondment period.


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