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Looking for an Employment Agreement? Our customisable templates cover all bases for hiring part-time or full-time employees on an hourly or temporary basis.

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Document Description

This document outlines the terms and conditions of an employment agreement between a company and an employee. The document specifies the details of the employee's job description, remuneration, period of employment, and expectations of the employee.

The agreement begins by stating that the employee will work for the company in the specified department under the direction of a designated person. The employee must perform all duties incidental to the general job description and must be available to work during regular hours. The company is responsible for providing all equipment necessary for the job.

The period of employment is specified, along with working hours and overtime pay. The employee's period of continuous employment for statutory employment rights purposes will commence on the commencement date, and any previous employment will not be considered continuous with this company.

Remuneration is addressed, and it is agreed that the employee will be paid at an agreed-upon rate per hour. The company will not be liable for any injury or health conditions that may arise during the course of employment, and the employee will be responsible for personal taxes.

The nature of employment is outlined to specify that this is a work experience opportunity for educational purposes. The employee will receive supervision and education, and there is no expectation of future employment with the company. The employee has no authority to enter into any contract or undertake any obligation for the company.

Discipline and conduct are addressed in detail. The employee must abide by all rules and regulations of the company, be polite, punctual, honest, cooperative, and willing to learn. The employee must maintain a regular employment schedule and disclose all circumstances that may result in a conflict of interest with the company. The employee may not engage in any other business or occupation during the term of employment without prior written approval from the company.

Overall, this agreement specifies the duties and expectations of the employee and the terms of the company's employment agreement.

How to use this Document?

If you are hiring someone new, it is essential to have an employment agreement in place to set out the expectations for both parties. This article explains how to use this document.

1. DUTIES AND JOB DESCRIPTION: The agreement begins by outlining the job responsibilities of the employee. It states that the employee will work in the specified department and carry out all duties as directed by the company. It also describes the employee’s reporting structure, additional duties, full or part-time position, and the facilities and equipment that the company will provide.

2. PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: The agreement specifies the employment period, the start date, and end date, including working hours and overtime. It also states that the employee will not be required to work on statutory holidays and the employee’s employment period with the company will commence on the start date.

3. REMUNERATION: The employee’s wage is outlined in this section. If the employment is unpaid, this will be noted, but if not, the employee will be paid at the specified rate, and the company will not be liable for any injuries or health conditions that may arise.

4. NATURE OF EMPLOYMENT: This section outlines the educational purpose of the employment and states that there is no guarantee of future employment with the company. The employee will receive supervision and education from appropriate supervisors and may be qualified to participate in any employee benefits that the company may offer. The employee will not have any authority to enter into or conclude any contracts on behalf of the company, and any risks associated with the employment are assumed by the employee.

5. DISCIPLINE: The employee agrees to follow all the company’s rules and regulations, be polite, punctual, honest, and cooperative. The employee is required to maintain a regular employment schedule, comply with the company’s instructions, and disclose any conflict of interest or breach of the employment agreement. The employee will not engage or have any financial interests in any other business, trade, profession, or occupation, except as a representative of the company.

In summary, this document is a valuable tool in setting out expectations for both parties involved in an employment agreement. It includes essential details such as job responsibilities, employment period, remuneration, nature of employment, and disciplinary measures. By using this document, employers can ensure that their employees understand the expectations and requirements of their employment.


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