Employment Agreement (Junior Employee with Share Options)


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Employment Agreement between Company and Junior Employee with option for Junior Employee to purchase share options. This is drafted in favour of the Company.

The Employee will commence work on [COMMENCEMENT DATE] (“Commencement Date”).

The employment of the Employee shall be, subject to the terms of this Employment Agreement, for an indefinite period.

The normal working hours of employment shall be from [START TIME] to [FINISH_TIME]. However, the Employee can be expected to work over and above these hours when the workload so demands.

The Employee shall not be required to work on Statutory Holidays.

The Employee shall be entitled to <? echo $ANNUAL_LEAVE; ?> days of paid annual leave per year. Requests for leave must be approved by the Company and the timing of any leave will depend on the Company’s requirements. The annual leave year runs from 1 January to 31 December in each year. In the year of commencement or termination of employment, the Employee’s leave entitlement will be calculated pro rata based on full months worked in the year.

The Employee’s period of continuous employment for statutory employment rights purposes will commence on the Commencement Date. The Company will treat no previous employment as continuous with the Employee’s employment with the Company.

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