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Grant of credit to a new customer seeking credit / open account on goods / products.

We are delighted to inform you that your request for credit has been approved and [COMPANY] is now a credit customer of ours. As a welcoming gesture, we will be granting you an initial credit of [AMOUNT], which will be subject to review from time to time.

Your first order for [GOODS], will be shipped to you on [DATE].

On the first of each month, we will prepare an invoice of the previous month's purchases. You will have a [30] days credit term to pay the invoice. With each invoice, you will also receive notice of special promotions, marketing campaigns, discount programs and sale.

[NAME] will be your sales representative and will visit you sometime next month. [He / She] will arrange with you the exact time and place, and please speak with [him / her] if you would like any catalogues and samples. [He / She] will also show you how to place orders online.

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Letter / e-mail / note / correspondence


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