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Letter to Supplier Requesting for Additional Credit Terms

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Payment Request Letter for payment to existing supplier seeking additional credit terms for the period of the Coronavirus crisis. A debit note letter format in word and a vendor registration request letter format.

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Document Description

This document can be used as a Payment Request Letter to existing supplier seeking additional credit terms for the period of the Coronavirus crisis. As a Letter for Payment, it is a debit note format in word and can be used as sample letter asking for price quotation as well. 

This vendor registration request letter format states that since the impact of the Coronavirus has caused significant disruptions around the world, and the party is impacted by the global cash crunch, the party is seeking the following as a long term customer of the supplier:

(i) extension of the credit period and

(ii) increase the credit limit 


How to use this Document? 


This letter can be used to request modifications to credit terms and grant of credit made prior to the Coronavirus if you are wishing to seek longer payment terms and to ask for consideration about your credit application in an unprecedented time. 

Moreover, this letter will cover a request for a credit increase.

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