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Hardship Letter

Late Payment

This is a hardship letter addressed to the lender. In this letter, the addressor/borrower apologises for delaying the loan payment and explains the delay. Additionally, the borrower encloses a budget for future expenditure and revenue to ensure the lender that they would be able to make prompt payment. 

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Document Description

The Hardship Letter is a document that is used to explain and apologize for a delay in making mortgage payments. It is important because it allows the borrower to communicate with the lender and provide an explanation for the delay. The letter starts with an apology for the delay and an explanation of the reason for the delay, which is a hardship. The borrower assures the lender that the hardship is temporary and that they have taken steps to prevent foreclosure by contacting a foreclosure counselor. The letter also mentions that a future budget and copies of bank statements have been enclosed as supporting documents.


The letter concludes with another apology for the inconvenience and a request for the lender to consider a loan modification or repayment plan for the mortgage. The borrower provides their contact information for any future inquiries. Overall, the Hardship Letter is a detailed document that provides a thorough explanation for the delay in mortgage payments and seeks a solution to prevent foreclosure.

How to use this document?

1. Begin the letter with a sincere apology for the delay in making mortgage payments.

2. Explain the reason for the delay, emphasizing that it is a temporary hardship.

3. Mention that steps have been taken to prevent foreclosure, such as contacting a foreclosure counselor.

4. Enclose supporting documents, such as a future budget and copies of bank statements.

5. Apologize again for the inconvenience and request the lender to consider a loan modification or repayment plan.

6. Provide contact information for any future inquiries.

7. Ensure that the letter is polite and professional throughout.

8. Proofread the letter for any errors or typos before sending it.

9. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

10. Follow up with the lender to ensure that they have received and reviewed the letter.

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