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Apology Letter - Payment

Collection Error / Clerical Error

A letter of apology to customers for the mistake made in a recent collection letter. It explains the cause(s) of such clerical error and informs the customer about the rectification made.

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Document Preview

Document Description

A letter of apology to customers for sending the collection letter by mistake to a customer due to a clerical error or system error. 

The letter expresses the company's apology for sending the collection letter and states the revised balance in the customer's account. The company also ensures that it has rectified the clerical error and amount outstanding on their system.

How to use this Document?


If the company makes a mistake by sending a collection letter, the company can use this letter to express its apology for the clerical error and inform the revised account balance.

The Customer information, date of the Collection Letter and the revised account balance account statement should all be clearly stated in the letter template. A copy of the revised account statement can be enclosed with the letter for customer's reference.



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