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Product / Goods Enquiry

Delivery Method / Payment

Enquiry on the delivery method and payment of the product / goods ordered.

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Product / Goods Enquiry' is an important document that serves as a formal request for information regarding a product or goods. It is typically used by individuals or organizations who are interested in purchasing a specific quantity of products for their staff or office. The document begins with the sender's information, including their name, address, and the current date. It is addressed to the recipient, who is usually a supplier or vendor.


The purpose of this document is to inquire about the availability of home or office delivery for the requested products. The sender also asks if they can pay by cash on delivery. Additionally, they mention the urgency of receiving the products before a specific season starts, such as school, Christmas, or summer season.


The sender concludes the document by expressing their gratitude and requesting the recipient to send them an invoice related to the order. The document is signed off with the sender's name, job title, and company.


Overall, the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document is crucial as it initiates communication between the sender and the supplier or vendor. It provides essential information about the sender's requirements and expectations, allowing the recipient to respond appropriately and provide the necessary information or offer their products and services.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document:


1. Fill in the sender's information: Enter the sender's full name, address, and the current date at the beginning of the document. This ensures that the recipient can identify the sender and know when the document was created.


2. Address the recipient: Clearly state the recipient's title and last name in the salutation. This ensures that the document reaches the intended recipient.


3. Specify the order details: Mention the quantity of products ordered and the date of the order. This provides the recipient with specific information about the requested products.


4. Inquire about delivery and payment options: Ask the recipient if they provide home or office delivery and if cash on delivery is an acceptable payment method. This helps the sender determine if the supplier or vendor can meet their requirements.


5. Emphasize urgency: Clearly state the need for the products before a specific season starts, such as school, Christmas, or summer season. This conveys the importance of timely delivery.


6. Request an invoice: Politely ask the recipient to send an invoice related to the order. This ensures that the sender receives the necessary documentation for payment and record-keeping.


7. Sign off with sender's information: End the document with the sender's first name, last name, job title, and company. This provides the recipient with the sender's contact information for further communication.


By following these steps, the sender can effectively use the 'Product / Goods Enquiry' document to communicate their requirements and expectations to the supplier or vendor, facilitating a smooth transaction process.

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