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Response to Customer

Return packing case

A letter of reply/response return packing case and deducted amount on the invoice. Enclosed is the debit note.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Response to Customer' is an important communication tool used by a company to respond to a customer's inquiry or request. It serves as a formal response to address any concerns or questions raised by the customer. The document starts with a brief introduction, mentioning the job title and company name. It also includes the address of the company and the current date.


The main body of the document consists of a message addressed to the customer. It begins with a salutation, using the customer's title and last name. The content of the message acknowledges the receipt of an empty packing case that was returned by rail. It mentions that the case was charged on the customer's invoice number and date, with a specific currency amount. The company encloses a debit note for this amount and requests a credit note in return.


The document concludes with a closing statement, expressing the company's willingness to address any further questions or concerns the customer may have. It is signed by the account first name and last name, along with the account job company.


Overall, this document serves as a professional response to a customer, ensuring that their inquiry or request is acknowledged and addressed promptly.

How to use this document?

To effectively use the 'Response to Customer' document, follow these steps:


1. Address the customer: Begin by entering the customer's title, first name, last name, and address. This ensures that the response is directed to the correct recipient.


2. Provide company information: Include the job title and company name in the document. This establishes the credibility and professionalism of the response.


3. Acknowledge the received item: Clearly state that the company has received an empty packing case, specifying the invoice number and date on which it was charged. This demonstrates attention to detail.


4. Enclose a debit note: Inform the customer that a debit note for the specific currency amount is enclosed. This ensures transparency in financial transactions.


5. Request a credit note: Politely ask the customer to provide a credit note in return. This helps in maintaining accurate records and resolving any discrepancies.


6. Offer assistance: Conclude the document by expressing willingness to address any further questions or concerns the customer may have. This shows excellent customer service.


By following these steps, the 'Response to Customer' document can be effectively used to communicate with customers and provide them with the necessary information or resolution to their inquiries or requests.

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