Board Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Convene General Meeting

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Directors' resolution to convene the General Meeting of the Company. The meeting then adjourned for the purpose of delivering the Notice and obtaining the required consents and holding the General Meeting.

The Documents in substantially the forms tabled at the meeting (subject to any amendments which are considered necessary or desirable by any Director or Secretary before their despatch to all relevant persons);

(b) to authorise any Director or the Secretary to sign the Notice of Meeting;

(c) to lodge copies of the Documents with the relevant authority (if required) before the Documents are sent to members of the Company;

(d) to authorise any Director or the Secretary to:

(i) send the Notice of Meeting to members of the Company and any other relevant persons;

(ii) to do all things necessary or desirable in relation to the lodgment, service, printing and dispatch of the Documents and any other notices which may be required to be given or lodged in relation to the proposed resolutions; and

(iii) to convene a general meeting of the Company in accordance with the Notice of Meeting and the Constitution and to elect a person to preside as chairperson at the general meeting in accordance with the Constitution.

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