Written Class Consent

Variation, Modification or Abrogation of Class Rights

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Variation of class rights to be sanctioned by way of written consent of holders of the relevant class of shares. In accordance with the articles of association of the Company, WE, being the holders of not less than three quarters in nominal value of the issued [preference] shares of a set number each in the capital of the Company CONSENT to and sanction every variation, modification or abrogation of the rights, privileges and restrictions attaching to the [preference] shares of a set number as a class of shares which will be affected by the resolution numbered in the attached notice of extraordinary general meeting of the Company.

I, the undersigned, being a person who at the circulation date of these resolutions have the right to attend and vote at a General Meeting of the Company, and the sole member of the Company, hereby irrevocably agree to the following resolutions of the Company as indicated below in accordance with constitution of the Company (as amended), as if they had been passed at a General Meeting of the Company duly convened and held.

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