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Written Resolutions of the Sole Member / Members / Shareholders in relation to the set up of the Company. This includes the increase in authorised capital, change of company name, change of memorandum of association, change of articles of association and allotment of securities.

The authorised share capital of the Company is increased by the creation of additional ordinary shares each ranking equally in all respects with the existing ordinary shares each in the capital of the Company.

The name of the Company is changed.

The memorandum of association of the Company is altered with immediate effect with respect to the statement of its objects.

The regulations (in the form of the print attached to this written resolution) be adopted with immediate effect as the new articles of association of the Company to replace in their entirety the existing articles of association of the Company.

The directors are generally and unconditionally authorised to allot relevant securities up to an aggregate nominal amount for a period expiring (unless previously renewed, varied or revoked by the Company in general meeting) five (5) years after the date on which this resolution is passed, but the Company may make an offer or agreement which would or might require relevant securities to be allotted after expiry of this authority and the directors may allot relevant securities in pursuance of that offer or agreement as if this authority had not expired.

The directors are generally empowered to allot equity securities for cash, pursuant to the authority in the resolution above (the authority). This power shall cease to have effect when the authority is revoked or (if not revoked) expires but the Company may make an offer or agreement which would or might require equity securities to be allotted after expiry of this power and the directors may allot equity securities in pursuance of that offer or agreement as if this power had not expired.

How to use this Document?


This document can be used to record the written resolution of setting up a company.

The resolutions passed should be clearly stated.

This document should be carefully read by the relevant Company members.  

The document should be signed by the Chairperson of the Meeting and the Director(s) of the Company. 


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