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Board Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Brokerage Account Opening - Broker

Board resolutions to open securities / brokerage accounts with a financial dealer / broker. This is drafted from the perspective of the dealer / broker as standard form for Customer / Client.

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Document Description

This document is Board Minutes of Meetings of Directors regarding the opening of securities / brokerage accounts with a financial dealer / broker. It is resolved that bank accounts should be opened and the following persons are accountable for the operating of the accounts. This is drafted from the perspective of the Customer/ Client. This document is drafted from the perspective of the Broker.

The minutes of the meeting then states the purpose of opening bank accounts with specified clients/ Banks and discuss whether proposed resolutions proposed are passed. Three resolutions are included in the documents: authorisation and approval regarding the opening of bank accounts; approval of relevant documents upon review and consideration by Directors. Company's authorisation regarding the operation of bank accounts upon giving oral or written instructions. 

How to use this Document?

This document should be carefully read by the relevant Company members.

This document can be used during a board meeting, whereby there needs to be detailing the minutes of the meeting of directors, as a letterhead format. More specifically, to open bank accounts during a board meeting. 

Users should include customised details of the meeting at the beginning of the document. The authorised signatories of the Chairperson of the Meeting and the Director(s) of the Company should be clearly stated in the document. 



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