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Resolution of the Trustees


This document is a template for the resolution of the trustees of the occupational pension scheme. It documents all the resolutions passed by the trustees of the occupational pension scheme.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Resolution of the Trustees' is a resolution made by the trustees of a scheme. The scheme is governed by a definitive trust deed and rules, which are dated. The resolution is made in exercise of the powers conferred by the deed and any other relevant power.


The resolution consists of several sections:


1. Trustee's Declaration of the Superannuation Fund: This section states that the trustee's declaration of the superannuation fund will be signed. It is important for the trustees to make this declaration to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to protect the interests of the scheme.


2. Appointment of Scheme's Advisors: This section names the advisor(s) who will provide advice to the scheme. The appointment of advisors is crucial for the effective management and operation of the scheme.


3. Resolutions Passed by the Trustees: This section lists the resolutions that have been passed by the trustees. These resolutions may pertain to various matters related to the scheme, such as investment decisions, administrative matters, or changes to the trust deed and rules.


The trustees confirm that the terms used in this resolution should be interpreted as they are defined in the deed for the scheme.


The resolution is signed by the trustees, with their names and signatures provided.


Overall, this document is important as it formalizes the decisions and actions taken by the trustees of the scheme. It ensures that the trustees' intentions and decisions are recorded and can be relied upon in the future. The resolution also serves as a reference for the scheme's advisors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders.

How to use this document?

To use the 'Resolution of the Trustees' document effectively, follow these steps:


1. Review the Trust Deed and Rules: Before using this document, familiarize yourself with the trust deed and rules that govern the scheme. Understand the powers and responsibilities of the trustees as outlined in the deed.


2. Understand the Purpose of the Resolution: Determine the specific purpose for which the resolution is being made. Identify the issues or decisions that need to be addressed by the trustees.


3. Draft the Resolution: Use the provided template and fill in the necessary details. Include the trustee's declaration of the superannuation fund and appoint the scheme's advisors as required.


4. Pass the Resolution: Organize a meeting of the trustees to discuss and vote on the resolution. Ensure that the resolution is passed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the trust deed and rules.


5. Sign the Resolution: Once the resolution is passed, the trustees should sign the document. Include their names and signatures to validate the resolution.


6. Communicate the Resolution: Share the resolution with the scheme's advisors, beneficiaries, and other relevant parties. Ensure that they are aware of the decisions made by the trustees.


7. Maintain a Record: Keep a copy of the resolution in a secure and easily accessible location. This will serve as a record of the trustees' decisions and actions.


By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the 'Resolution of the Trustees' document and ensure that the decisions made by the trustees are properly documented and implemented.

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