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Board Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Bank Accounts Opening - Bank

Ensure smooth banking operations with our standard Board Minutes of Meetings of Directors. Securely open bank accounts & assign accountability.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The extract from the board meeting of directors relates to the opening of a bank account for ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY, with BANK authorised as the banker. The resolution includes approval for the opening of one or more bank accounts, including current, multi-currency statement savings and time deposit accounts, along with the authorisation of any director or officer to execute required bank mandate forms and other account opening forms, subject to agreement on terms and conditions.

The board has approved the Limited Company Account Form and Application for Corporate Online Banking documents and their relevant resolutions, allowing any director to sign them on behalf of the company and deliver the originals to the bank. Furthermore, the resolution states that any number of designated persons listed in the minutes are authorised to give instructions on behalf of the company and perform related actions such as transferring funds and signing documents.

The extract mentions the use of specimen signatures and company chops to authorise the opening of the account. The document is a certified true copy of the minutes of the meeting, providing evidence of the board's approval for the account opening and the operating of the account by the authorised persons.

In summary, the extract from the board minutes of ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY describes the resolutions passed by the board to open a bank account with BANK and authorise any director or officer to execute necessary forms and agreements, as well as designating authorised persons to operate the account. The extract also specifies the use of specimen signatures and company chops to give authorisation and the requirement for a certified true copy of the minutes to provide evidence of the board's approval.


How to use this Document? 

Steps to use the Extract from Minutes of Meeting of Directors document:

1. Customise the document with the relevant details: At the beginning of the document, fill in the specific details of the meeting, such as the name of the company, the address of the meeting, and the current date.

2. Review the resolutions: Read through the resolutions that have been passed by the Board of Directors. These resolutions authorise a specific bank as the banker of the company, allow the opening of one or more bank accounts with that bank, and specify the individuals authorised to give instructions and sign documents on behalf of the company.

3. Use the document during a board meeting: This document is intended for use during a board meeting when the opening of bank accounts is being discussed. It serves as a record of the meeting and the resolutions passed by the board.

4. Use the letterhead format: The document is designed as a letterhead format and should be used as such. Users can customise the header of the document to include their company name and logo.

5. Request a Certified True Copy: The document includes a request for a Certified True Copy to be provided. This is a formal request for a copy of the document to be certified as an accurate representation of the original.

6. Keep a copy of the document: Once the document has been completed and certified, it should be kept on file for future reference. It serves as a record of the resolutions passed during the meeting and the authorisation of bank accounts.



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