Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Shares Issue / Allotment of Shares

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Minutes of Board Meeting for Allotment of Shares - Minutes of Board of Directors to issue and allot shares in accordance with applications.


The document provides details of: those who are in attendance or absent from the meeting, whether any technology was used, the directors' interest(s) and any shares issues (and whether they were resolved). Additionally, it provides space for the signatures of the chairperson(s) and directors at the close of the meeting.


It was resolved:

to approve the applications tabled;

to issue and allot shares in accordance with the applications tabled fully paid for cash at par;

to enter the names of the allottees in the Registrar of Members of the Company; and

that the Company execute share certificates representing the new shares by affixing its common seal in accordance with the Articles of Association.


This document can be adjusted to include all necessary information discussed in the meeting.


How to use this Document?


This document should be carefully read by the Relevant Company members.


The document should be signed by the Chairperson of the Meeting and the Director(s) of the Company. 


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minutes of board meeting for allotment of shares


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