Minutes of Meeting of Directors - First Board Meeting

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Minutes of Meeting of Directors
First Board Meeting
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Corporate / resolution / minutes
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First board meeting of a Company (after buying it off the shelf) to approve the initial subscriber, director, secretary, registered office, common seal and set up of the Company.

It was resolved that:

(a) the name of the subscriber to the memorandum of association be entered in the register of members, as the holder of the one ordinary share subscribed by it;
(b) the transfer referred to in paragraph be approved for registration and that the necessary entry be made in the Company's register of members and transfers immediately.

It was resolved that the directors having indicated their willingness to act, be appointed as additional directors of the Company with immediate effect.

Notices were received from each of the following directors in accordance with the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association that he/she was a shareholder or director of or otherwise interested in the companies and/or firms or connected with the person(s) set opposite his name and should be regarded as interested in any contract, transaction or arrangement which might be made with any such company and/or firm or person.

It notes down the specifics of the meeting (date, time and place), the people who are present (chairperson, director(s)), the people who are in attendance (secretary, attendee(s)), the absentees and whether a quorum was met. It states that due notice of the meeting had been given to all Directors accordingly, and directors who gave notice of a conflict of interest abstained from voting.
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