Minutes of Meeting of Directors - Preliminary Expenses Approval

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Minutes of Meeting of Directors
Preliminary Expenses Approval
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Corporate / resolution / minutes
Business > Corporate > Minutes and Resolutions
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Board resolutions to approve some preliminary expenses to be paid by the company.

The resolutions are to:
(i) approve amount against Preliminary Expenses and other expenditures incurred for specific purpose of; and
(ii) authorise a director of the Company to reimburse the aforesaid Preliminary Expenses.

Any action taken by the director and any other officer of the Company prior to the adoption of these resolutions which is within the authority conferred by the foregoing resolutions is ratified, approved and confirmed.

It notes down the specifics of the meeting (date, time and place), the people who are present (chairperson, director(s)), the people who are in attendance (secretary, attendee(s)), the absentees and whether a quorum was met. It states that due notice of the meeting had been given to all Directors accordingly, and directors who gave notice of a conflict of interest abstained from voting.
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