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Follow up to Complete Order / Transaction after MOU Deadline

Follow up to Complete Order / Transaction after MOU Deadline

To Customer / Business Partner

Follow up with customer / client to complete the transaction on sale and purchase of products after the deadline under the MOU has passed.

Just to let you know that we are also keen to transact in higher volumes with you. However, as we have no previous trading relationship, the [quantity] under the MOU is purely a trial run in order to build trust between the parties. We do have trading relationships with very large buyers who can potentially absorb in excess of [quantity] per annum.

As the proposed Transaction is large and involves many parties – buyer, seller, bank, transport, warehouse etc. It would be prudent to have an initial trial run with a relatively small initial volume to resolve any potential delivery, payment and timing issues we may have. Once we have established a smooth payment and delivery workflow acceptable to all parties involved, we would be able to gradually increase our daily intakes to more than [quantity] per annum. We are confident that we will be able to dispose of all [total volume] over time.

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