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Response to Product / Goods Enquiry

Negative Response to Customer Request for Discount on Goods

Are you a supplier or manufacturer who has received a request from a customer asking for a discount after receiving price quotations of your products and you want to reject them politely? Fill in your information into this letter template, download and send it to your potential customers!

How to Tailor the Document for Your Need?


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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Response to Product / Goods Enquiry' is a formal letter that serves as a response to a counter-proposal received from a recipient regarding a previous offer for a product. The document is important as it allows the sender to communicate their decision regarding the counter-proposal and provide additional information about the product and its value.


The entire document consists of several sections:


1. Heading: The document starts with a heading that includes the sender's account job company, account job address (single line), account phone number, and account email. This information helps in identifying the sender and their contact details.


2. Salutation: The document then includes a salutation addressing the recipient by their title and last name. This sets a formal tone for the letter.


3. Introduction: The sender begins by expressing their consideration of the recipient's counter-proposal dated their date. However, they regretfully inform the recipient that they cannot accept the counter-proposal. The sender justifies their decision by stating that the prices quoted in their previous letter leave them with minimal profit margins, which are even lower than their competitors' prices for similar quality goods.


4. Product Benefits: The sender highlights the special manufacturing process and the benefits of the material used in their product. They emphasize that being one of the largest suppliers of the product in the country is evidence of its good value.


5. Request for Further Consideration: The sender expresses hope that the recipient will reconsider their decision. They also assure the recipient that declining the counter-proposal will not affect future business opportunities and encourage the recipient to contact them for any future proposals.


6. Closing: The document ends with a closing phrase, followed by the sender's account first name and account last name, along with their account job company.


Each section of the document serves a specific purpose, from providing necessary contact information to explaining the reasons behind the decision and highlighting the value of the product. The detailed description of each section ensures clarity and understanding of the document's content.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Response to Product / Goods Enquiry' document:


1. Review Counter-Proposal: Carefully review the counter-proposal received from the recipient, comparing it with the original offer made by your company. Consider the terms, prices, and any additional conditions mentioned.


2. Evaluate Profit Margins: Analyze the prices quoted in the previous letter and assess the profit margins they leave. Compare these margins with those offered by competitors for similar quality goods. Ensure that the profit margins are acceptable and sustainable for your company.


3. Justify Decision: Clearly state the reasons for not accepting the counter-proposal in a polite and professional manner. Emphasize the low profit margins and the competitive pricing of your product. Provide a brief explanation of the special manufacturing process and the benefits of the material used in your product.


4. Encourage Reconsideration: Express hope that the recipient will reconsider their decision and accept your original offer. Assure them that declining the counter-proposal will not negatively impact future business opportunities. Encourage the recipient to reach out for any future proposals or inquiries.


5. Maintain Professional Tone: Throughout the document, maintain a professional and courteous tone. Use formal language and avoid any personal or offensive remarks. Keep the content concise and to the point.


6. Proofread and Send: Before sending the document, thoroughly proofread it to ensure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Double-check all the contact information provided. Once reviewed, send the document to the recipient via the preferred communication method (email, mail, etc.).

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