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Rejection of Product Order

Out of Stock

A Letter to the Customer thanking them for their request but rejecting a product order due to insufficient supply of stocks.

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Document Description

A Letter to Customer thanking them for their request but rejecting a product order due to insufficient supply of stocks / their products being out of stock. 

The letter is used to notify the customer that the company requires a longer time to replenish the stocks due to high demand.   The company reminds the customer that the new stock will be more expensive for the previous reason.

They further promise that replenishment of stocks will happen immediately, but it will take a certain number of days for the new stock to arrive even if everything goes well. In addition, the unit price for the new stock has slightly increased to [amount] per unit.

The company seeks confirmation from the customer as to whether to proceed with the order, in terms of whether they would like to order on this basis (the more expensive stock) or be put on a waiting list until stocks have been replenished. 

How to use this Document?


This document should be carefully read by the Individual customer and company.

The Letter to Customer should be sent upon discovering the lack of stock for orders received.  Where the orders have not been confirmed, the letter may be sent to reject the order request.  Details to the quantity and type of goods in the original order request should be given. 

If applicable, the new unit price should also be mentioned for the customer to make a sound decision on the further chosen process for the order.  

The customer should sign and return an order confirmation on the chosen process for the order.



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