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Response to Product / Goods Enquiry

Quotation with Discount

Supplier providing price, quotation and discount on product / goods upon request by customer.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Response to Product / Goods Enquiry' is a formal response to a customer's inquiry about the company's products. The document starts with a polite greeting and expresses gratitude for the customer's interest in the products. It then proceeds to provide detailed information about the company's products, including a catalog and a price list.


The document emphasizes the company's commitment to maintaining a close business relationship with the customer and mentions a special discount that is being offered. It explains that the discount is being provided despite the high demand for the product, showcasing the company's willingness to accommodate the customer's needs.


The document also mentions that the discount is applicable for orders of a certain quantity or more, encouraging the customer to take advantage of the offer. It provides an order form and explains that ordering can be done easily online through the company's website or by phone.


The document concludes by offering assistance in any other way and expressing anticipation for the customer's order.


Overall, the document serves as a professional and informative response to the customer's inquiry, highlighting the company's products, discounts, and convenient ordering process.

How to use this document?

1. Express gratitude: Begin the response by thanking the customer for their interest in the company's products.

2. Provide detailed information: Attach the latest catalog and price list to the response, ensuring that it includes comprehensive details about the products, services, warranties, and other relevant information.

3. Offer a discount: Mention the special discount being offered to the customer, even though the product is in high demand. Specify the discount percentage and any conditions or quantity requirements.

4. Encourage ordering: Provide an order form and explain the ease of ordering through the company's website or by phone. Mention any specific instructions or contact details.

5. Offer assistance: Conclude the response by offering assistance in any other way and expressing anticipation for the customer's order.


Note: Adapt the response to suit the specific products, discounts, and ordering process of the company.

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