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Rejection of Product Order

Only Sell to Dealer / Wholesaler / Distributor

A letter/email to customers rejecting an order made. It states that it can only sell to distributor / wholesaler / authorised dealer.

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Document Preview

Document Description

The document titled 'Rejection of Product Order' is an important document that serves the purpose of informing the recipient that their product order cannot be accepted. The document begins with a polite greeting and expresses gratitude for the recipient's order. It then proceeds to explain the reason for the rejection, which is the manufacturer's explicit distribution arrangements to sell only to designated distributors in a specific jurisdiction.


The document emphasizes the manufacturer's commitment to maintaining wholesale prices between themselves and their dealers, as a way to foster loyalty and trust in their business relationships. It highlights the importance of not divulging wholesale prices to consumers, as it would be a violation of trust.


Despite rejecting the order, the document expresses appreciation for the recipient's interest in the products. To assist the recipient, a list of distributors in the jurisdiction is enclosed, with the assurance that any of these distributors will be able to fulfill their order.


The document concludes with a polite closing and the sender's account information.


Overall, this document effectively communicates the rejection of a product order while maintaining professionalism and providing alternative options for the recipient.

How to use this document?

Guidance for using the 'Rejection of Product Order' document:


1. Begin by addressing the recipient: Start the document by addressing the recipient with their appropriate title and last name.


2. Express gratitude for the order: Thank the recipient for their order and acknowledge the date of the order.


3. Clearly state the rejection: Inform the recipient that their order cannot be accepted and that their cheque will be returned.


4. Explain the distribution arrangements: Clearly explain the manufacturer's distribution arrangements, emphasizing the policy of selling only to designated distributors in the jurisdiction.


5. Highlight the importance of maintaining wholesale prices: Emphasize the importance of keeping wholesale prices confidential between the manufacturer and their dealers, as a way to build trust and loyalty.


6. Appreciate the recipient's interest: Express appreciation for the recipient's interest in the products, despite the rejection of their order.


7. Provide alternative options: Enclose a list of distributors in the jurisdiction who can fulfill the recipient's order, ensuring they have alternative options.


8. Close politely: Conclude the document with a polite closing, including the sender's account information.


Please note that this guidance is provided as a general outline and should be adapted to fit the specific circumstances and requirements of the situation.

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