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Environmental Policy

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Environmental Policy template used by the Company. It is an internal policy regarding the goals /targets of the company towards the protection of the environment

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What is Environmental Policy?

An Environmental Policy sets out the company's commitment to reduce the harmful impact of its operations on the environment. It provides a framework to outline the company's objectives to improve its environmental performance.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • outline the company's commitment to protecting the environment;
  • highlight the key initiatives that the Company will take to protect the environment 
  • allocating responsibility to ensure the implementation of this policy. 
  • ensure compliance with the relevant environmental laws and regulations

It is important to have an environmental policy as :
(a) it demonstrates your commitment to the protection of the environment
(b) educates your employees about the company’s goals and their responsibilities
(c) Ensures compliance with the law(if applicable)

How to Use the Document? 

The document should be used by Company's senior management while drafting the environmental policy

The Company should notify its employees whenever this policy undergoes major changes.


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