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Trademark Policy


Looking for a comprehensive trademark policy for your workplace? Our guide outlines procedures and expectations for employees dealing with trademarks. Ensure compliance and protect your brand today.

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Document Description

This trademark policy outlines the importance of trademarks to ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY's intellectual property portfolio, as they help to distinguish their products and services from their competitors. The policy applies to all staff, including directors, managers, employees, consultants, and part-time and casual staff. It requires staff to closely surveil the marketplace, take swift action to enforce intellectual property rights, establish strict restrictions on the use of trademarks by members of staff and other third parties, and maintain accurate records of trademark usage, investment, and protection.

The designated Trademark Officer will be the point of contact for any and all matters concerning trademarks. The policy includes guidelines on the usage of trademarks, including showing trademarks in the exact form as shown in the First Schedule and only for the products and services listed for that trademark, not using a trademark in the possessive form unless it is already in the possessive form, and bolding a word trademark when included within a block of written text.

The policy also requires staff to keep dated samples of product packaging and all advertising and promotional materials showing the trademark and maintain sales records and market research that documents consumer recognition of the company's products marketed under a trademark. The policy also includes guidelines on trademark notices and dealing with requests to use or reproduce the company's trademarks. Finally, the policy instructs staff to promptly inform the Trademark Officer of any suspected infringement or improper use of any of the company's trademarks. Any breach of this trademark policy is a serious offense and may result in disciplinary action.

How to use this Document?

Using this document is essential for all staff members of ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY who want to ensure that they comply with the company's trademark policy. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Understand the value of trademarks: Trademarks are an essential part of ACCOUNT_JOB_COMPANY's intellectual property, as they help identify the company's products and services and differentiate them from competitors.

2. Comply with the policy: To maintain the value of trademarks, all staff members must follow the company's trademark policy.

3. Closely surveil the marketplace: Staff members should keep an eye out for any improper usage of the company's trademarks or any infringement on them by third parties.

4. Take swift action to enforce intellectual property rights: Whenever necessary, staff members must take immediate action to protect the company's trademarks.

5. Establish strict restrictions on trademark usage: The company expects all staff members to adhere to strict guidelines on the use of its trademarks.

6. Maintain accurate records: Staff members should keep accurate records of how the company has utilized and promoted its trademarks.

7. Understand the policy's coverage: The policy applies to all persons working for the company, including directors, senior managers, employees, consultants, part-time, and casual staff.

8. Follow the guidelines on trademark usage: All staff members should adhere to the guidelines on the usage of trademarks by the company.

9. Keep accurate records: Staff members must maintain accurate records of any documentation that shows how the company has utilized and promoted its trademarks.

10. Include the trademark notice: Staff members should include the trademark notice alongside the trademark if it is registered or unregistered.

11. Refer to the Trademark Officer for any request: All requests to use or replicate the company's trademarks should be referred to the Trademark Officer for deliberation.

12. Alert the company to suspected infringement: Staff members should inform the Trademark Officer if they suspect any infringement of the company's trademarks or a third party's trademark rights by a staff member.

By following these steps, staff members can ensure that they comply with the company's trademark policy and help protect the company's intellectual property rights.


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