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Internal Memo / Announcement

New Facility

Internal staff announcement regarding the opening of new facility and its operational details.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Internal Memo / Announcement' is an important communication tool within an organization. It serves the purpose of informing all staff, managers, departments, or specific employees about a new facility that has been completed and is now available for use. The memo is written by an account representative, providing details about the facility, its purpose, features, operating hours, and an invitation to an open house event.


The memo starts with a header section that includes the recipients of the memo, the sender's information, the subject, and the date. This ensures that the memo is directed to the intended audience and provides necessary context. The subject of the memo clearly states that it is about a new facility, creating anticipation and interest among the readers.


The body of the memo begins with the announcement of the completion of the facility and its availability to all staff or a specific group of employees. The purpose of the facility is then stated, which could be to facilitate discussions, provide resources, or serve any other specific purpose. This introduction sets the tone for the rest of the memo and emphasizes the importance of the facility.


Next, the main features of the facility are listed in a numbered format. This allows the readers to quickly grasp the key aspects of the facility and understand its potential benefits. Each feature is briefly described, providing enough information to generate interest and curiosity among the readers.


The memo then mentions the staff or department responsible for operating the facility and specifies its operating hours. This ensures that the readers know who to contact or approach for any inquiries or assistance related to the facility. The operating hours provide clarity on when the facility can be accessed, allowing the readers to plan their usage accordingly.


Towards the end of the memo, an invitation is extended to all staff or managers for an open house, reception, or opening ceremony. The time and date of the event are mentioned, along with the assurance of refreshments being served. This invitation creates a sense of excitement and encourages the readers to attend the event and explore the facility firsthand.


The memo concludes by expressing the hope that the readers would make good use of the facility and welcomes any feedback and ideas. This shows that the organization values the input of its employees and encourages their active participation. The memo ends with a friendly closing and a reference to a website for more information, providing an additional resource for the readers to access if needed.

How to use this document?

1. Address the recipients: Begin the memo by addressing the intended recipients, which could be all staff, managers, a specific department, or individual employees. This ensures that the memo reaches the appropriate audience.

2. Provide sender's information: Include the first name, last name, and job title or department of the account representative sending the memo. This establishes credibility and helps the readers identify the sender.

3. Clearly state the subject: Use a concise and descriptive subject line to inform the readers about the main topic of the memo. In this case, it is about a new facility.

4. Mention the completion and availability of the facility: Start the body of the memo by announcing the completion of the facility and its availability to all staff or a specific group of employees. This creates excitement and generates interest.

5. Explain the purpose of the facility: Provide a detailed explanation of the purpose of the facility, highlighting how it will benefit the staff or the organization. This helps the readers understand the significance of the facility.

6. List the main features: Use a numbered format to list the main features of the facility. Keep the descriptions brief but informative, focusing on the key aspects that make the facility valuable.

7. Specify the operating hours and responsible staff/department: Clearly mention the operating hours of the facility and the staff or department responsible for its operation. This ensures that the readers know when and whom to approach for any queries or assistance.

8. Extend an invitation to an event: Invite the readers to an open house, reception, or opening ceremony related to the facility. Specify the time and date of the event and mention any additional details, such as refreshments being served. This encourages the readers to attend and explore the facility.

9. Encourage feedback and ideas: Express the organization's openness to feedback and ideas from the readers. Encourage them to provide their input and suggestions regarding the facility. This fosters a sense of involvement and collaboration.

10. Provide additional resources: Include a reference to a website or any other source where the readers can find more information about the facility. This allows them to access further details if needed and demonstrates the organization's commitment to transparency and accessibility.

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