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Internal Memo / Announcement

Year End Performance Review

Internal memo on year end review process - to be rated by manager on employee.

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Document Description

The document titled 'Internal Memo / Announcement' is an important communication that serves as an announcement and guideline for the annual year-end review process within the organization. The purpose of this document is to inform all HR staff, managers, departments, and specific employees about the upcoming review and emphasize its significance in terms of employee advancement, salary increases, and bonuses.


The document begins with a clear statement about the duration of the year-end review, which will be conducted from the current date until a specified date. It highlights the importance of taking the review seriously and acknowledges its impact on various aspects of an employee's career within the organization.


The document outlines the specific steps and requirements for the review process. It states that each employee is required to complete a self-evaluation in various categories, which will be provided by a specific date. The manager will then assess these evaluations and provide ratings by a designated date.


Furthermore, the document emphasizes the importance of a discussion between the employee and the manager. This discussion should take place by a specified date and aims to reconcile any differences in ratings, provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and suggest areas for improvement in work performance, attitudes, customer service, and reliability.


Lastly, the document addresses a concern from previous years where there were a disproportionate number of 'outstanding' ratings in all categories. It expresses the hope for more realistic ratings this year that truly reflect the composition of employees within the company.


Overall, this document serves as a comprehensive guide for the year-end review process, providing detailed instructions and highlighting the importance of the review in employee development and recognition.

How to use this document?

Step-by-step guidance for using the 'Internal Memo / Announcement' document:


1. Read the memo: Carefully read the entire memo to understand the purpose and importance of the year-end review process.

2. Complete self-evaluation: As an employee, complete the self-evaluation in the provided categories by the specified date.

3. Manager assessment: Await the assessment of your self-evaluation by your manager, who will provide ratings by a designated date.

4. Schedule a discussion: Arrange a meeting with your manager by a specified date to discuss the ratings, reconcile any differences, and receive feedback on your performance, attitudes, customer service, and reliability.

5. Act on feedback: Take the feedback provided by your manager seriously and work on improving your performance in the identified areas.

6. Provide realistic ratings: Ensure that when assessing your own performance, you provide ratings that accurately reflect your abilities and contributions.

7. Understand the impact: Recognize the significance of the year-end review in terms of employee advancement, salary increases, and bonuses.

8. Follow the timeline: Adhere to the specified dates for completing the self-evaluation, manager assessment, and discussion.

9. Take the process seriously: Understand that the year-end review is a crucial opportunity for personal and professional growth within the organization.

10. Reflect and improve: Use the feedback received to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and make continuous improvements in your work performance, attitudes, customer service, and reliability.

11. Contribute to a realistic assessment: Help create a more accurate representation of employee performance by providing honest and realistic ratings.

12. Seek clarification: If you have any questions or need further clarification about the year-end review process, reach out to your HR staff or manager.

13. Embrace the opportunity: Approach the year-end review as a chance to showcase your achievements, address areas for improvement, and demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional development.

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